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Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:20 Tanya Jacobsen
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RhinoDotCom is an information and network-oriented campaign that lobbies for the legalization of rhino horn as a solution to the current rhino poaching onslaught that is currently taking place in South Africa.

We feel that a legal and ethical trade, under the auspices of an independent Central Selling Organization, would offer numerous and far-reaching benefits to marginalized African communities, game reserves, national parks, private game owners and breeders, as well as various indirect stakeholders.

Most importantly, we feel that rhinos would benefit in that poaching incidents would decrease and rhino numbers and habitat would increase. A massive advantage would also be the net gain in land under rhino management - land that would require a specific habitat and one on which many plant and animal species would thrive. With habitat loss as one of our primary global conservation issues, the overall effects of more rhino land would be healthier eco-systems and more and larger natural areas.

Our two primary contributors are John Hume, South Africa's largest private rhino breeder and Tanya Jacobsen, Nature Conservation and Project Management student.

John has been breeding rhinos, buffalo and other rare species on his farms for many years and developed a great passion for rhinos in particular. He dreamt of retiring in the Bushveld of South Africa after a lifetime of various other business investments and bought his dream farm in the Wild Frontier region of South Africa in 1992. He became very interested in the rhino's plight and in breeding rhino as the poaching crisis escalated. In 2oo7, the first 3 rhinos were poached on one of John's farms and it was this tragedy that spurred him to de-horn all of his rhinos, in order to deter poachers. In 2011, 6 more rhinos were poached and greater security measures have become imperitive. The rhino war rages on, becoming ever more volatile and John will continue to breed and protect rhino for as long as he is able.

Tanya has lived in the Lowveld for most of her life, including some childhood years in the Kruger National Park and has over 10 years of wildlife rehabilitation experience, particularly with birds and small mammals. She became interested in the rhino crisis after being employed by John and living on his farm for some years as his Aviary Manager.

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