7. Rhinos remain in Africa

Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:08 Tanya Jacobsen
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Legal trade will allow us to keep rhinos in Africa, where they belong

Rhinos are one of Africa's Big 5 species and along with their treasured heritage, they offer an economic benefit to the continent and its population.

Africa’s rhinos to the North of us have been decimated but in South Africa and Namibia, we still have a chance to convince the world that rhino are more valuable alive than dead.

Keeping our rhinos in Africa will give us tighter control over the trade, ensuring that it is monitored and audited and that rhinos are bred under the best possible conditions.

Rhino horn is Africa’s most valuable renewable natural product. We should be using our resources in ways that promote economic development and poverty reduction, particularly when these may be presented in a win-win package with landscape and biodiversity conservation.

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