6. No threat to rhinos

Thursday, 05 April 2012 09:51 Tanya Jacobsen
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Legal trade will not threaten rhinos

Rhino horn can be harvested sustainably – no rhinos ever have to die to provide it and it will continue to grow throughout the animal’s life.

The de-horning process is short and painless for the rhino, with the only risk to the animal being the time that it endures under anaesthetic, much like a person going into an operating theatre. 

Tiger bones, elephant tusks, shark fins and various other wildlife products require and represent the death of an animal whereas rhino horn does not.

Presently, the international controls are so perverse that rhino horn may only be exported from Africa and imported into other countries in the form of a trophy and with a CITES permit. In other words, a rhino must be hunted and killed. Ironically, the people who want the horn do not want to kill or hunt rhinos – they only want the horn, yet they are forced to kill the animal (legally or illegally) in order to obtain it.

People who own rhino will never want to kill those rhino, even in hunts, as live rhinos will be worth so much more than dead rhinos.

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