2. Less poaching, more rhinos.

Thursday, 05 April 2012 09:02 Tanya Jacobsen
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It will increase rhino numbers and reduce poaching.

Many game ranchers and private game reserves are currently trying to get rid of their rhino populations. Rhinos are a great security risk as poachers will go to extremes, including violence, in order to obtain horn. Rhinos are also very costly to protect as security technologies and other resources are not cheap.

If trade were legalized, rhinos would become desirable wildlife as there would be great financial benefits in being able to sell horn. The necessary financial resources would be available to protect and manage the rhino populations.

New, emergent and communal farmers, ranchers and reserves will be encouraged to breed rhinos and participate in the legal trade. 

With all of these people wanting to breed rhinos, rhino numbers will increase, as will the area of land under rhino management. 

The market will be supplied through the legal trade, financial resources will be available for rhino protection and rhino owners will be incentivised to protect and increase their rhinos. All of these effects will drastically reduce poaching.   

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