Our rhinos are in grave danger.

Poaching incidents and criminal syndicates are out of control, public sentiment is divided and emotional, game farmers and game rangers are being arrested and convicted, our government is fragmented and indecisive and meanwhile, more and more rhinos are killed every day.

Rhino horn is a highly sought-after product in Asia, where it is primarily used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and also for ornamental dagger handles. It is currently illegal to trade in rhino products, which is why the entire market exists in the furtive underworld of Black Market trafficking.

Habitat destruction and poaching are the primary causes of this tragic state of affairs.

The demand for horn that has brought rhinos to the brink of extinction should never have gone this far. Rhino horn is made primarily of keratin and can be removed with almost no harm to the animal, if done correctly and under veterinary supervision. There is a risk when the animal is anaesthetized for the 20-minute procedure but the horn removal process is painless for the rhino.

Furthermore, rhino horn re-grows after it has been removed. The de-horning process can be likened to you cutting your fingernails.

Yet more rhinos are killed every day for their horns.

Through this site, we intend to bust the various myths that surround the rhino horn trade debate and create a platform of documents, articles, letters and correspondence for the global public.

We intend to present our proposed solution to the rhino crisis and we would like to educate you and create awareness of issues that surround the ongoing debates.

Mostly, we hope to show you that this magnificent animal should not be left to join the extinction files as we stand by with our arms folded, when there is a viable, logical, multi-faceted solution at our fingertips.

Less trade = More poaching

Historical data has shown us that as we restrict supply lines of rhino horn, poaching figures increase. International trade bans have had no effect at all on reducing the rhino poaching onslaught in Africa.

Click here to see the effects of poaching on Africa's Black rhino populations.

Click here to see how less trade has led to more poaching in South Africa.


Rhino & Vicuna parallel

The rhino crisis has reached epic proportions and even though there is massive division in public opinions, emotions and ideas, there is a common objective amongst all of us: saving the rhino. 
I would like to offer another perspective on the issue. It is the story of a successful conservation effort in South America, where a group of conservationists, commercialists, local communities and a few dedicated individuals brought the Vicuña back from the brink of extinction. 




Rhino Woes

By John Hume

When one considers the huge interest there is at the moment in rhinos you feel heartened until you analyze the situation, then it becomes enormously depressing.  I have separated the categories of people interested in rhinos and I will list them from the worst affecting our rhinos to the best.
This document is an appeal to anyone who considers him/herself to be a rhino lover to find ways to improve the lot of our rhinos as they are in desperate need of help.


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